Bart van Lier

About Me

About me

photography is my passion

I always have been fascinated about art and especially in photography. Capturing the moment and more important the feeling that you have at that moment about that place. Creating something meaningful is what I want to do every day.

For me, all sorts of photography is interesting, but street and portrait photography is what inspires me the most. I travel around the world to make photos of the most interesting cities, streets and people. Before I go to a place I have a story in my mind that I want to tell. That’s how I work the best. Focus on one subject and try to capture that in the most creative and original way. 

That’s why I like black and white photography so much. You can really focus on a subject and play with dark and light to create a specific image. Therefore I like to shoot portraits and streetphotography mostly in black and white.   

The Vision

Black and white & Portait

Besides I have a passion and love for street (art) photos, I like to shoot in Black and White. I like B&W because of the raw element and as a viewer you are feeling the photo more intense. 

Another passion in photography is portrait. Capture a person on it’s best is difficult and if you succeed it makes you the happiest man in the world. 

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